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Alan Hull is a second generation share trader, fund manager, businessman, teacher, writer, mathematician, I.T. expert and popular speaker on the seminar circuit. He is the best-selling author of 'Blue Chip Investing' and 'Active Investing', both by Wrightbooks. Alan has also managed Millions of dollars of other people's retirement funds, his performance beating all the major ASX market averages.

Alan speaks extensively throughout Australia for organisations such as the Australian Stock Exchange, Australian Investors Association, Australian Technical Analyst's Association and at the Investment Expo and Traders Expo. His books, articles and newsletters are published and widely read throughout Australia and overseas.

Alan's newsletters are based on his trading strategies 'Active Fund Management' (which is explained in his book 'Blue Chip Investing') and 'Active Investing' (which is explained in his book 'Active Investing'). They provide a complete solution for anyone who wants to trade or invest in Blue Chip shares. You will find free PDF downloads that give a detailed explanation of their use on Alan's website.

Alan's first book Charting in a Nutshell is an introductory book for newcomers and a very affordable reference guide for more experienced traders.

    Topics covered include:
  • Charting Techniques and Pattern Recognition
  • Financial markets and developing trading strategies
  • Stockbrokers and other market participants
  • Computer systems and charting software
  • Internet service providers and media resources

It has a comprehensive explanation of risk and money management including access to the online calculator.

His book Active Investing combines both fundamental and technical analysis. As an Active Investor, you can control risk like a market professional and do it all in one hour per week.

Over the last ten years, Alan has been a key note speaker at numerous investment expos and in 2008 was featured on the Sky Business Channels program "You Money, Your Call'.

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